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Dysmantle Apk for Android Free Download [2022 Updated]

Humans are completely extinct, and the earth is in a terrible state. You are currently the sole person remaining in this world. So you think your fighting and survival techniques are exceptional and the greatest. Then you should give this new game called Dysmantle Apk a try.

Developers have already incorporated a variety of special features and settings into the gameplay of battles. Now, enabling and choosing such elements will aid in defeating adversaries and surviving in hostile environments. Even though several professional guns and other tools are available.

However, none of those goods are usable at first. The player must thoroughly investigate the area and get various necessities. Use the materials to create new tools and weapons. As a result, download Dysmantle Apk Game when you’re ready to perform your part.


What is Dysmantle Apk?

The DOCOOL LIMITED-developed Dysmantle Apk is an online action-based Android gaming program. In essence, the creators provided this wonderful chance. to represent battling and surviving alone under difficult circumstances.

after spending a long time in hiding inside a cave. The player then had the decision to go outdoors and investigate the shattered environment. even look for those who have managed to survive during difficult circumstances. Keep in mind that you are unique in your playing abilities.

You can endure difficult circumstances because of these special surviving talents. even have the ability to create various weapons and useful devices. Those could help exterminate zombies and make the region safe for survival.

Raw materials like wood, iron, and other fabric materials are used to construct various objects. It appears hard to advance and improve equipment while gathering those goods. Install Dysmantle Apk Download if you like the idea and are ready to join.


There is a lot of action in this new game. It features open-world gameplay where you have to explore and gather resources to live. Dysmantle Apk is essentially a survival game in which you build infrastructure to survive and develop.

The materials you’ll need to build your own home must be brought to the forest. Your journey in the game begins when you construct a shelter. You must initially do these things to find food, wood, and stone, as well as to eat and restore your energy.

However, you must be prepared for the major game event. There is a considerable number of hazardous monsters that you will encounter. These things will thus cause your death if you do not develop into who you are. You’ll need to develop cutting-edge infrastructure, tools, and weapons to fight them.

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Screenshot of Dysmantle Apk

Screenshot of Dysmantle Apk_Jostajo.com
Screenshot of Dysmantle Apk_Jostajo.com

Dysmantle Apk Features 


Discover the most recent high-tech period while exploring ancient ruins. Utilize technology to handle amicable circumstances. Discover forgotten old wisdom by exploring the secret chambers of family graves.

Utilize Parity Magic’s powers to acquire items and turn them into very potent tools.

Create and prepare

Destroy the vast majority of the items and stock them with the appropriate tools. Go and gather fascinating metal, rubber, and plastic artifacts from antiquity. It is possible to gather various materials in respectable numbers. Find methods for constructing and improving enduring items.

Explore the open world

Create crossings to demonstrate your presence as you explore an open universe of enormous, finished creations. Restore the soil gradually. Discover the lost puzzles, unlock the secret wealth, and you’ll eventually discover a means to leave the island.

Fight or fly

Abhorrent animals live on the post-apocalyptic Earth. The majority of the area’s residents and part of the wildlife were both impacted by the assault, which made the animals exceedingly hostile.

Kill them, then gather the body parts. Give up and leave him to sleep eternally. Run away and attempt the challenge again when you are stronger if you are unable to defeat him.

Use a variety of strikes and weapons in battle. Make as many traps as you can to draw creatures.

Warm-up – don’t go hungry!

They are battling for more than just stability. It is not a hunger-related game.

You don’t need to continually search for mouthwatering chips to fill your enlarged stomach when you’re speeding toward your unavoidable demise. You won’t ever go without food. The world is scary and you can survive there for a time, but ultimately, you become stronger.

Do something to survive

Take part in crafts, eliminate boundaries in entire structures, or chop down trees or break stones. You hold the key to all future successes and gained abilities. After all, you may freely hunt animals and fish in this game while battling mutants.

Unexpected shutdown

There is no place for monotony in the rich inner world. After all, every new version brings with it new creatures, tons of treasures, and occasionally even a few survivors. Finally,

You are looking at a sizable island full of solitude and mystery, which you will explore using a fantastically dispersed map. With the correct equipment, you can utterly demolish any item in the game.

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Key Features of Dysmantle Apk

  • Download and Play For Free
  • Best Action Game
  • Unique Storyline
  • Wide Map and Locations
  • Collect and Craft
  • Make Unique Items
  • Simple and Easy To Play
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Many More

App Details

Name Dysmantle
Size 488.6 MB
Version v1.0.4.24
Package Name com.dysmantle53.soco.GP
Category Games/Action
Price Free
Minimal Support Required 5.0 and Above

Famous surviving play

Like the majority of survival games of its genre, DYSMANTLE gives players recognizable survival chores to do to keep the main character secure. To explore the essential components offered, you must engage in a range of in-game activities.

featuring travel, conflict, leveling, survival, gathering, making, building, farming, harvesting, and more.

More precisely, through rediscovering old wisdom, you can also learn the enigmatic realities of the Holocaust. After then, employ strong magic to forge stronger weapons to ensure your survival. You are not required to abide by any additional regulations to explore the realm of DYSMANTLE.


Download this fantastic program for Android & PC and enjoy it now that this review should have answered all of your questions regarding the Dysmantle Apk. It is safe to download APK files from Apkresult, which has practically all programs from every genre and category.

If there is a discrepancy, please let us know in the comment area or send us an email at the address shown in the contact us section.


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