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One Piece Mugen Apk v12 Mod for Android Free Download

If you enjoy watching anime, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the One Piece Mugen Apk series. The anime series was a success in terms of capturing the hearts of viewers. And, thanks to the ideas of fans, the developers have been successful in releasing One Piece Mugen Apk.

This is, in fact, a web-based action-adventure game. Where gamers may battle and have fun conquering opponents with their formidable talents. The makers inserted these various anime characters into the game software to keep it interesting.

Elements and other important materials are included. Skins, powerful skills, and several anime characters are available to choose from. If you’ve already finished watching the series and want to try out the 2D gameplay, you may download One Piece Mugen Game with a single click.


What is One Piece Mugen Apk?

If you have a smartphone, there are a plethora of games that you may play at any moment. If you’re a gamer, you’ll be able to locate and enjoy a variety of games ranging from action to adventure to role-playing games and simulations.

You are free to browse the top games currently available since there are many. Today, you can play fighting games like One Piece Mugen on your phone. This is an intriguing game, particularly for anime aficionados.

You’ll be able to appreciate the One Piece world in this fighting game since you can play in numerous modes. You can compete against pre-selected opponents in the Arcade mode.

You may also participate in the V.S. CPU mode, which allows you to battle against any opponent. Then there’s the Training, where you may hone your abilities and movements. Right now, you may do a variety of fantastic actions.

Jimbei, Luffy, Nami, Zoro, Sanji, Robin, Enel, Crocodile, Rob Lucci, Kaido, Kuzan, Franky, Chopper, and a slew of more characters may be found here.


You will be able to play Mugen games in their original format in this game. Mugen is one of the most popular Android games and fighting applications because everything is constructed in the Mugen style. Simply click to perform any attack or combination. Combos, small attacks, and attacks are available to all characters. Various attacks may be launched using the right and left buttons, as well as the upper and lower buttons.

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Screenshot of One Piece Mugen Apk

Screenshot of One Piece Mugen
Screenshot of One Piece Mugen

Features of One Piece Mugen Apk

One Piece Mugen is the game for you if you enjoy anime fighting games. Now you may enjoy a variety of features.

Anime fighting game: Today, there are a plethora of games that you may play on your phone. If you enjoy gaming, there are a plethora of fantastic games to choose from right now.

There are several genres to choose from, including action, RPG, simulation, 3D, and many others. There are several anime fighting games available now in the gaming industry for you to enjoy. You may have a lot of fun with One Piece Mugen since you can fight with characters from the anime.

Right now, you can enjoy this game because it has a variety of modes to choose from. There’s an Arcade mode in which you battle against pre-determined opponents to demonstrate your abilities.

Nami, Trafalgar Law, Luffy, Shanks, Franky, Kaido, Chopper, Ace, Jimbei, Boa Hancock, Kuzan, Rob Lucci, Enel, Crocodile, Sanji, Robin, and many other One Piece characters are available to utilize, and battle here. This is a fun fighting game that you may play whenever you want right now. Now you may enjoy the arcade-style visuals.

App Details

Name One Piece Mugen
Size 357.48 MB
Version v1.0.0
Package Name com.xingyuyou.xingyuyou.weigong
Developer Xinguyou
Category Games/Arcade
Price Free
Minimal Support Required 4.1 and Above

Key Features of One Piece Mugen Apk

  • The gaming app is available for free download.
  • This fantastic possibility is provided by installing the game.
  • To engage in combat and take pleasure in conquering formidable opponents.
  • A variety of gaming types have been introduced.
  • Every mode is distinct from the others.
  • The arcade mode is ideal for picking a specific opponent.
  • V.S CPU will aid in providing a level playing field against AI.
  • In addition, Training Mode will aid in the development of playing skills.
  • There are no advertisements on this page.
  • It is not essential to register.
  • It is never necessary to purchase a subscription.
  • You may select from a variety of strong anime characters.
  • The game’s UI was designed to be simple and mobile-friendly.

Is It Safe To Install One Piece Mugen Apk

The gaming application we’re showcasing here is unique. We loaded the game on several devices and found it to be quite enjoyable to play. Those who enjoy anime shows would likely enjoy this new game.

On our website, we have a variety of additional fighting and action-related games. To play those alternate games, you must click on the links. GDPS Editor Apk and Joy Pony Apk are two of them.

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Your favorite video games and applications have been presented to you. It is always our objective to provide you with high-quality software and video games. You will be able to get additional applications and games for free on our website and our website. If you’re ready, you may install the most recent version of One Piece Mugen Apk on your Android phone.

We’d like to emphasize that we’ll only be offering the One Piece Mugen Apk in its original form, with no changes.

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